The Limeliters launched their career in 1959 at San Francisco’s famous Hungry i…


Alex, Lou & Glenn – 1960’s

and before long, founding members Alex Hassilev, Lou Gottlieb and Glenn Yarbrough emerged as one of the dominant voices of the early 1960’s folk music scene.  For three years they were the musical representatives for Coca-Cola, and their rendition of the jingle “Things Go Better with Coke” became a national hit. A string of best selling albums for RCA Records and frequent appearances on every major TV show quickly made them a household name.

Time Magazine summed up their appeal with the following memorable quote: “If the button down scrubbed looking Kingston Trio are the undergraduates of big-time folk singing, The Limeliters are the faculty.”

In the ensuing years, the lineup of the group has featured several spectacularly talented new members, but The Limeliters have never deviated from the integrity of the fabulous sound that they pioneered

Alex, Lou & Red

Alex, Lou & Red – 1980’s


Alex, Bill & Rick – 1990’s

Alex, Andy & Mack

Alex, Andy & Mack –    2004

Andy, Mack & Gaylan - 2004

Andy, Mack & Gaylan – 2006


Andy, Gaylan & Don  2013






With their energy and enthusiasm undiminished, current members Gaylan Taylor, Andy Corwin and Don Marovich remain as exciting an act as the genre has produced. Now more than ever, the surging vocals, thrilling harmony, and whacked out sense of humor of this unique trio continue to earn them their title as…

“The Fabulous Limeliters”.