Andy’s (Fall 2014) Tour Blog

Day 1

9/17/14 – We left Phoenix this morning, just ahead of Hurricane Odile moving into Arizona…

2014-09-17 08.35.54

Ended the day in Las Vegas, New Mexico — where we got to stay at

The #1 SUPER-8 MOTEL in the world!

2014-09-17 19.12.51




FREE SOUP! Really nice staff!

(Who knew…Right?)



Day 2

9/18/14 – We arrived at our first destination, Fort Morgan, Colorado…

                   which, as nearly as we can determine, was named after Morgan Fairchild.



(Though, why she needed an entire fort, we can’t say…What was she feeling so threatened by?)



Day 3

9/19/14 – We played our first concert of the tour tonight in Fort Morgan, Colorado…2014-09-18 18.21.26

(which, apparently, was NOT named after Morgan Fairchild).

We had a great show! Big audience turn out…
(seems like we’re in the right place, at the right time, to pass the music on)



Day 4

9/20/14 – Cozad, Nebraska…

Our name up in lights on the The First Bank and Trust Co. building: 


and a fellow named Kyle Vincent took some really great new photos of us during the performance –










Day 5

9/21/14 – Concordia, Kansas…

We had a wonderful* matinee show in Concordia, Kansas for a packed house at a historic (restored) theater called “The Brown Grand”, originally built in 1907…

2014-09-21 12.31.10

(*despite the fact that they spelled our name wrong on the marquee ~ 2014-09-21 12.30.26not the first time that’s happened ~ oh well…)



While we were setting up, the house manager told us that the theater had a mischievous ghost-in-residence… apparently it’s true because, during the second half of the show, he was messing with my electric upright bass (the sound cut-out right at the beginning of “Zhankoye”… and then, mysteriously, came back on just in time to play the last four measures). Made a believer out of me, I can tell you….


We also filmed this performance…

Here’s the return of the dreaded “FOLK RAP”:




Day 6

9/22/14 – Today was a travel day. We drove from Concordia, Kansas… to Newton Iowa.

iowa map

The big “drama” of the day came when we were informed that the presenters in Newton would not be able to provide coffee backstage tomorrow night.

Well, no one ever said that life on the road would be easy!




Day 7

9/23/14 – Newton, Iowa

Another great show tonight!.. and our friends Scott and Kim Thomas drove all the way from Springfield, Missouri to see us! with Scott and Kiim



Day 8

9/24/14 – (Day Off) …2014-10-01 13.13.39




Day 9

9/25/14 – Osage, Iowa…



 We got to perform in this beautiful concert hall!


We had a great audience, cheering us on…One of the best concerts of the tour so far!




Day 10

9/26/14 – Glencoe, Minnesota

We performed in a beautiful church with amazing acoustics!

2014-09-26 17.43.21

Passing The Music On at The First Lutheran Church


In Minnesota, they call this sandwich a “beef commercial”….why?… anybody?


(the worst  Super 8 Motel – – >)

Day 11

9/27/14 – Ely, Minnesota

first fall colors waaaaay up North…

2014-09-27 17.10.52



2014-09-27 17.08.04


Drove from Glencoe to Ely…played a matineé…

drove back to Twin Cities









= 557 miles today






Day 12

9/28/14 – THE CORN PALACE!!!  Mitchell, South Dakota…2014-09-28 13.54.18

(a very unique experience!)




    (We videotaped this show & the footage turned out great…)


Fire Alarm

The next morning, the fire alarm went off in the motel, waking us up at 6:00 A.M.- –

apparently somebody burnt the toast while making their complimentary continental breakfast…

Gaylan B'fast Club










Day 13

9/29/14 – Willmar, Minnesota





Our good friend Dave Stoddard (from Fergus Falls, MN)  joined us onstage with his accordian for a very cool rendition of “Those Were the Days”






Day 14

9/30/14 – Yankton, South Dakota






This was ONE big flag!  It put in an appearance during “This Land Is Your Land”


Another great show!…

One of the friendliest towns we’ve visited so far!


Day 15

10/1/14 – Yankton, South Dakota to Belle Fourche, South Dakota

(via Mount Rushmore)   Yankton to Belle Fource

Gaylan @ Mt. Rushmore


2014-10-01 19.15.19

   and I got a new hat…




Day 16

10/2/14 – Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Belle Fourche_002



 We had the day off…

mariachis on a glacierWe had some time on our hands, so we went and found a glacier and posed for some new promo pix (it’s kind of a “new look” for us… Whaddya think?)

We had another great show tonight!




Day 17

10/3/14 –  Today was a travel day. We drove from Belle Fourche, South Dakota to Grand Junction, Colorado.Spearfish Canyon 1 The route took us through

Spearfish Canyon – – one of the prettiest stretches of highway Spearfish Canyon 3we’ve encountered so far.Spearfish Canyon 2








Day 18

10/4/14 – Grand Junction, Colorado

We had a wonderful show in Grand Junction, CO with nearly 1400 in attendance!Grand Junction 1Grand Junction 4Grand Junction 5Grand Junction 6Grand Junction 2 We were welcomed by some of the nicest, most hospitable people we’ve encountered so far…


Day 19

10/5/14 – Glenwood Springs, Colorado

We were joined on-stage, for a mini-reunionGlenWood, with our old bandmate, Mack Bailey.




Andy, Gaylan & Mack





Day 20

10/6/14 – Craig, Colorado

 20141006_191005 20141006_19103420141006_191327 great sound console

Our last stop in Colorado20141006_210628



Day 21

10/7/14 – Cheyenne, Wyoming

20141007_193254We had a great concert and we got a great write-up in the local newspaper (link below)20141007_193508WyomingNews

Day 22

10/8/14 – Cheyenne, Wyoming to North Platte, Nebraska

sheepSheep heading in the wrong direction…please advise!

Day 23

10/9/14 – North Platte, Nebraska


 It doesn’t get better than this!20141009_175811

The beautifully restored Fox TheaterNorth Platte Comp

I love these old theaters!




Day 24

10/10/14 – Hot Springs, South Dakota

20141010_164635 20141010_205642 20141010_212428 Hot Springs1

The last concert on the schedule, in Hot Springs, South Dakota was a great finale to a terrific tour! Everybody had a wonderful time, including one lady who was celebrating her 98th birthday…

(now, it’s a very long drive home)




Day 25

10/11/14 – Hot Springs, South Dakota to Ft. Collins, Colorado

Here’s a tribute to one of the unsung heros of the tour:
my 2005 Prius (“Zsa Zsa”)… 206,000 miles and going strong!Prius



Day 26

10/12/14 – Ft. Collins, Colorado to Las Vegas, New Mexico

2014-10-12 16.04.57(Today we had the first bad weather we’ve had on the whole trip).IMG_20141012_132659847