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On November 1st, 2012, Nick Noble, host of the radio show “Folk Revival”, devoted his entire 4-hour program to a retrospective of The Limeliters’ music.

We are grateful to Mr. Noble and to public radio station WICN in Worcester, Mass, for granting us permission to post (a slightly edited version of) that show here…



Part 1       (22:42)

      Folk Revival Part 1

Beginning, appropriately enough, with “There’s a Meeting Here Tonight”, the song which typically began every concert during the early years of The Limeliters, Nick takes us back to some of the earliest recordings made by Alex, Lou and Glenn…

First up, two songs from Lou Gottlieb’s pre-Limeliter days: “This Little Light of Mine” followed by “Midnight Special” — recorded by his first group, The Gateway Singers.

Next, a sequence of three songs which showcase the particular talents of each of

The Limeliters: “John Henry”, ”When I first Came to this Land” and “Gari Gari”.

Segment one ends with, what might be considered the Limeliter’s most successful single: “A Dollar Down”.

Click here to download: Folk Revival Part 1

 Part 2       (23:49)

      Folk Revival Part 2

Nick begins this segment with three cuts from The Limeliters first RCA release, Tonight in Person: “The Monks of St. Bernard”, “Seven Daffodils” and “Rumania, Rumania!”

The balance of this segment is devoted to “Uncle Lou” Gottlieb’s most enduring, most politically incorrect, most notorious rendition of Flanders and Swann’s charming Edwardian ballad: “Have Some Madeira, M’dear”.

Click here to download Folk Revival Part 2


 Part 3       (15:13)

      Folk Revival Part 3

Changing gears, this segment focuses on The Limeliter’s 1963, Grammy-nominated children’s album Through Children’s Eyes… Featured songs include: “This Train”, “Marty”,“Hey Jimmy Joe John Jim Jack”, “Morningtown Ride” and “B-A-Bay”.

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 Part 4       (22:47)

      Folk Revival Part 4

Leading off with the Limeliters’ hugely successful Coca-Cola commercial, Nick follows up with 2 tracks from the best-selling Our Men in San Francisco album: “Wabash Cannonball” and “The Lute Player” (which features Alex singing in French).

Next up, a live version of the raucous “Hey Li Lee Li Lee”, recorded during a performance in London…

And what Limeliter retrospective would be complete without the infamous:

“Vikki Dougan”?

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 Part 5       (31:32)

      Folk Revival Part 5

This segment leads off  with three songs from the Limeliter’s 1963 release

Making a Joyful Noise (a collection of spirituals and religious songs):

“Sing Hallelujah”, “Amazing Grace” and “We Will Overcome”.

Next up, a catchy novelty song called “Funk!” and an up-tempo number called

“Love In the Country”– a song The Limeliters recorded for the opening title sequence

of the John Wayne film “McClintock”.

Moving forward to the next era in the Limeliter story, Nick plays two songs, “A Casiñha Pequeniña” and “No Man is an Island, which feature Ernie Sheldon, the first tenor to replace Glenn Yarbrough.

After 1965 the members of the band pursued solo projects. Nick shares a rare recording of a solo Alex Hassilev performing a song called, “Young Man”… and a not-so-rare recording of Glenn Yarbrough’s biggest solo hit of all-time, “Baby the Rain Must Fall”.

The segment ends with two selections from the Limeliter’s 1968 release

Time To Gather Seeds (which Nick confides is “not his favorite Limeliter Album”). The first song is “Good Time Women” and the second is an anti-war anthem written by Alex entitled:“100 Men”.

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Part 6       (13:58)

      Folk Revival Part 6

The 1970’s are featured in this segment, which includes four songs recorded at several reunion concerts: “Let’s Have a Good Time”, “Living Legend”, “Joy Across the Land”

and the self-referential “Acres of Limeliters”.

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Part 7       (22:56)

      Folk Revival Part 7

Nick kicks off this segment with an overview of the personnel changes that were to take place over the next several years, but then comes back to focus on the 1980’s –

when Red Grammer occupied the tenor slot – with two songs that beautifully showcase Red’s amazing voice: “Shine On Me” and “Harmony” – an audience participation song, written by Red, that the band still performs at every concert.

Taking a break from the music for a few minutes, Nick chats by telephone with current Limeliter, Andy Corwin. Nick and Andy discuss the history of the Limeliters and the mission of continuing to “pass the music on”…

Rounding out this segment, a solo performance by Red Grammer of one of his original children’s songs: “I Think You’re Wonderful”.

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 Part 8       (22:27)

      Folk Revival Part 8

This segment covers the 1990’s era…

First up, two songs recorded live, featuring Alex, Lou and Rick Dougherty (who took over the tenor slot from Red Grammer): “The Forty-Year-Old Waltz” and “Until We Get It Right”

Following the death of Lou Gottleib in 1996, Alex and Rick were joined by Bill Zorn. To represent this period of Lime-History, Nick chose:“The Generic Up-Tempo Folk Song”.

 Jumping forward in time to 2004, the segment ends with a medley of three songs, “Hard Traveling”, “Poor Wayfaring Stranger” and “Lonesome Traveler”, featuring the (new) line-up of Alex, Mack Bailey and Andy Corwin performing live in Paradise, California.

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 Part 9       (15:38)

      Folk Revival Part 9

Following Alex Hassilev’s retirement in 2006, Mack Bailey and Andy Corwin were joined by Gaylan Taylor. This incarnation of the band is featured in this segment, with several songs from the 2007 album, Right From the Start.  Starting off with the title track, the beautiful love song “Right From the Start”, the Limeliter’s versatility is on display with Gaylan Taylor’s nostalgic composition,“Those Crazy Days”, Steve Fisher’s haunting “That’s My Toy” and Andy Corwin’s satirical “Cutting Edge of Passé”.

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 Part 10       (13:03)

      Folk Revival Part 10

First up: a recording from the 1980’s, when Alex, Lou and Red are joined by their side-man/ instrumentalist, John David, in order to achieve four-part harmony singing on “Southbound Passenger Train”.

Next, a Limeliter classic: “Zhankoye” featuring Alex, Lou and Glenn.

Finally, as an afterthought, a recording from 2013 (a year after the show originally aired), featuring the current line-up of Andy Corwin, Gaylan Taylor and Don Marovich, performing Tom Chapin’s“Pass the Music On”.

Click here to download Folk Revival Part 10



Nick has hosted the Folk Revival since 2007. He is an enthusiastic advocate for folk music in its broadest sense, with a particular fondness for the songs of the Folk Revival period during the 1950’s and ’60’s. He enjoys sharing his passion with the radio audience through a series of themed shows year-round. Nick loves hearing from listeners and responding to their ideas, suggestions, information, conversation, and requests. His FOLK REVIVAL page on Facebook is home to an online coffeehouse of more than three thousand regular and irregular listeners to the show, who often connect in real-time during the program. In keeping with the station’s commitment to the local music scene, Nick is a strong supporter of local New England artists, many of whom have been guests on the show. A Worcester resident and a long-time educator (he taught middle school and high school history and English for 28 years), Nick currently works as a writer, editor, and historian. He has published six books over the years—all on historical topics—including “NUMBER #1”—the story of the original Highwaymen—a journey through folk music history: the Folk Revivals, “The Great Folk Music Scare”, and their legacies (Outskirts Press, 2009). Nick loves to read (others’ work, not his own), and is a sometime singer (thirty years ago he belonged to one of the last collegiate folk groups before a cappella became the rage; today he still sings, with a quasi-band calling itself Wolfpen). Nick has also been on several workshop panels for the North East Regional Folk Alliance, and has introduced acts at the Newport Folk Festival and the Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival. Apart from his hosting duties, Nick works as the station’s coordinator of volunteers: he is a loyal WICN member and is himself an active WICN volunteer.
THE FOLK REVIVAL, Thursday evenings 7-11 PM et, 90.5 FM in Central Massachusetts, streaming live at worldwide. Each show opens with the Limeliters’ “There’s a Meeting Here Tonight”.



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